Knighten Health provides public health agencies and medical organizations
customized solutions to advance their communication and education objectives.
We assess the opportunities and develop the right solution drawing from a
comprehensive range of options that include everything from face-to-face
meetings, to publications, to the use of state-of-the-art technology.
Knighten Health conceptualizes, plans and executes specialty live events that bring
together diverse medical specialties.
These live events, led by global thought leaders in critical health areas, fill gaps in clinicians’
understanding of new science and best practices. Previous live events have led to new
research, published reports, science-based recommendations for improving patient care,
and educational initiatives targeting clinical practice.
Knighten Health has an innovative “train-the-trainer” program where local thought leaders
reach large numbers of their peers through local meetings and activities.
We leverage the reach of local influential health care professionals, among specialists and
primary care, to accelerate adoption of clinical best practices in critical health care area.
Knighten Health creates digital tools and online destinations for health care professionals to
learn about the latest science and best practices in critical health care areas.

Our tools enable and encourage dialogue between specialists and primary care providers to
encourage evidence-based approaches in the clinical setting to improve patient treatment.

Knighten Health creates mobile apps and other digital tools to put the best science
and best practices at the fingertips of health care providers. Knighten Health is
developing mobile apps for obesity and diabetes management to:
  Equip health care providers with comprehensive clinical best practices for the medical management of obesity
  Provide patients with easy-to-understand information about obesity medications as well as support tools for self-management and medication adherence
  Empirically measure adoption and application of best practices in providers’ offices
Knighten Health develops inspirational, patient-centric multimedia education packages. They
feature real people and their real stories of living with and managing their conditions,
their medications and therapies; and their relationships with care providers.
Packages can include videos, content for mobile apps, CME, and presentation.
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